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Dynamics of self - organization of colloidal particles under confinement
Nuno Araujo
CFTC, Universidade de Lisboa, Lisboa (Portugal)
jeudi 04 janvier 2018 , 10h25
Salle de séminaire du LPCT, 7e etage

Colloidal particles are considered ideal building blocks to produce materials with enhanced physical properties. The state of the art techniques for synthesizing these particles provide control over shape, size, and directionality of the interactions. In spite of these advances, there is still a huge gap between the synthesis of individual components and the management of their spontaneous organization towards the desired structures. The main challenge is the control over the dynamics of self-organization. In their kinetic route towards thermodynamically stable structures, colloidal particles self-organize into intermediate structures that are much larger than the individual particles and become the relevant units for the dynamics. To follow the dynamics and identify kinetically trapped structures, one needs to develop new theoretical and numerical tools. In this seminar, we shall discuss the self-organization of colloidal particles under confinement. Experiments with suspensions of elli psoidal colloidal particles suggest a transition in the statistical properties of the stain left by an evaporating drop, depending on the eccentricity of the particles. We propose a stochastic model to show that the very-strong anisotropic capillary a ttraction between particles stemming from the deformation of the interface can be responsible for such transition. We shall discuss the main mechanisms involved and compare the quantitative results with experiments.

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