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2017Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
27/09/2017 Ising model with a power-law spin length distribution Mariana Krasnytska
28/09/2017 Soutenance de thèse - Thermalisation et Relaxation des Systèmes Quantiques Sascha Sebastian Wald
05/10/2017 TBA de Nardis Jacopo de Nardis
19/10/2017 TBA Dubessy Romain Dubessy
26/10/2017 Gyration radiuses of a rosette polymers in disordered environment Khrystyna Haydukivska

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2017Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 21/09/2017 Simulations avec CUDA de la dynamique critique Francisco Sastre
[2] 21/09/2017 Algebres meta-conformes et equations invariantes Stoimen Stoimenov
[3] 14/09/2017 Criticality of structurally disordered magnets within field-theoretical renormalization group Maksym Dudka
[4] 06/07/2017 Logarithmic four-point functions in the critical Ising model Jacopo Viti
[5] 29/06/2017 Analytical methods for extreme fluctuations in generalised exclusion processes Alexandre Lazarescu
[6] 02/06/2017 Atomes froids : un simulateur de plasmas ? Rudy Romain
[7] 01/06/2017 Les enseignants-chercheurs de l'Université de Lorraine Louis Gabrysiak
[8] 18/05/2017 Discussion Informelle sur le projet open-access Jean-Sebastien Caux
[9] 27/04/2017 Groupe connexions
[10] 06/04/2017 Groupe "Connexions" : traduction Pauli 6/4/17
[11] 06/04/2017 Intermediate-time dynamics in 
out-of-equilibrium spin chains Maurizio Fagotti
[12] 04/04/2017 Two-dimensional phase transitions, VIII Malte Henkel
[13] 28/03/2017 Two-dimensional phase transitions, VII Malte Henkel
[14] 23/03/2017 Paradoxes d'Ehrenfest et de Selleri Daniel Malterre
[15] 23/03/2017 Multicomponent Bose-Hubbard Model: Quantum Magnetism, Atomic-Molecular Mixtures and vice versa Laurent de Forges
[16] 21/03/2017 Two-dimensional phase transitions, VI Malte Henkel
[17] 14/03/2017 Two-dimensional phase transitions, V Malte Henkel
[18] 09/03/2017 Quelques questions autour de la simulation des équations de Schrödinger et Gross-Pitaevskii Xavier Antoine
[19] 09/03/2017 Two-dimensional phase transitions, IV Malte Henkel
[20] 07/03/2017 Two-dimensional phase transitions, III Malte Henkel
[21] 02/03/2017 Groupe connexions, traduction Pauli 2/3/17
[22] 02/03/2017 Two-dimensional phase transitions, II Malte Henkel
[23] 02/03/2017 L'open access, déposer dans Hal Virginie Lang
[24] 28/02/2017 Two-dimensional phase transitions, I Malte Henkel
[25] 16/02/2017 Helical gaps in interacting Rashba wires Thomas Schmidt
[26] 09/02/2017 Groupe connexions, traduction Pauli 9/2/17
[27] 09/02/2017 Topological approach to microcanonical thermodynamics and phase transition of interacting classical spins Fernando Santos
[28] 02/02/2017 Extracting work from a single reservoir in the non-Markovian underdamped regime Ernesto Medina
[29] 20/01/2017 Groupe connexions, traduction Pauli 20/1/17
[30] 12/01/2017 Groupe connexions, traduction Pauli 12/1/17
2016Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 15/12/2016 Un bref panorama des systèmes intégrables Karol Kozlowski
[2] 01/12/2016 Groupe connexions, traduction Pauli 1/12/16
[3] 03/11/2016 Groupe connexions, traduction Pauli 3/11/16
[4] 13/10/2016 Groupe connexions, traduction Pauli 13/10/16
[5] 13/10/2016 Off-equilibrium scaling driven by time-dependent external fields in O(N) vector models Stefano Scopa
[6] 22/09/2016 Proximity effects of Co/Ni on graphene: Magnetism and Spin-orbit coupling Ernesto Medina
[7] 20/09/2016 Finite-size scaling above the upper critical dimension Emilio Flores Sola
[8] 01/09/2016 Groupe connexions, traduction Pauli 1/9/16
[9] 07/07/2016 Groupe connexions, traduction Pauli 7/7/16
[10] 30/06/2016 Fractional galilean algebra Ali Hosseiny
[11] 23/06/2016 Dynamics and relaxation in integrable quantum systems/Dynamique et relaxation dans des systemes quantiques integrables Jean-Sebastien Caux
[12] 16/06/2016 Journée Théorie V
[13] 26/05/2016 Groupe connexions, traduction Pauli 26/5/16
[14] 26/05/2016 Conformal invariance in driven diffusive systems at high currents Gunter Schuetz
[15] 19/05/2016 Groupe connexions, traduction Pauli 19/5/16
[16] 12/05/2016 Thermodynamic inference based on coarse-grained data or noisy measurements Reinaldo Garcia Garcia
[17] 28/04/2016 Localized defects after global quenches: NESS, LQSS, and GGE Maurizio Fagotti
[18] 28/04/2016 Journée Théorie III
[19] 27/04/2016 Effective interactions in carbon based materials and molecules: A tight-binding approach for Graphene, DNA and proximity effects (2) Ernesto Medina
[20] 25/04/2016 Effective interactions in carbon based materials and molecules: A tight-binding approach for Graphene, DNA and proximity effects (1) Ernesto Medina
[21] 25/04/2016 Dynamique des matrices aleatoires: une discussion informelle, II Jeremie Unterberger
[22] 21/04/2016 Dynamique des matrices aleatoires: une discussion informelle Jeremie Unterberger
[23] 21/04/2016 Quantum capacitance of warped and perforated graphene monolayers Ernesto Medina
[24] 31/03/2016 Long-range Kitaev model: phases, correlations and edge modes Davide Vodola
[25] 25/03/2016 Spin-orbit mediated entanglement in graphene Alexander Lopez
[26] 24/03/2016 Journée Théorie II
[27] 17/03/2016 Groupe connexions, traduction Pauli 17/3/16
[28] 10/03/2016 Coherent quantum dynamics in the quantum spherical model - summary and current situation (2) Sascha Sebastian Wald
[29] 03/03/2016 Coherent quantum dynamics in the quantum spherical model - summary and current situation (1) Sascha Sebastian Wald
[30] 25/02/2016 Groupe connexions, traduction Pauli 25/2/16
[31] 25/02/2016 Lindblad Dynamics of a Quantum Spherical Spin. Sascha Sebastian Wald
[32] 25/02/2016 Quantum mechanics of a constrained particle and the problem of prescribed geometric potential Luiz Silva
[33] 18/02/2016 Parafermionic zero modes Eddy Ardonne
[34] 04/02/2016 Groupe connexions, traduction Pauli 4/2/16
[35] 04/02/2016 Q-colourings of the triangular lattice: Exact exponents and conformal field theory Jesper Jacobsen
[36] 14/01/2016 Groupe connexions, traduction Pauli 14/1/16
[37] 14/01/2016 $1D$ Potts model with invisible states Petro Sarkanych
2015Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 17/12/2015 Signatures thermodynamiques de gelation dans des systemes des spheres dures adhesives Francisco Sastre
[2] 10/12/2015 Supersolidity Debabrata Sinha
[3] 03/12/2015 Spin transport along chiral molecules Ernesto Medina
[4] 03/12/2015 A kagome map of spin liquids Ludovic Jaubert
[5] 02/12/2015 Groupe de travail maths-phys V Dubail,Henkel,Robert,Unterberger
[6] 12/11/2015 TDA Tu Hong-Hao Tu
[7] 12/11/2015 TBA Bondesan Roberto Bondesan
[8] 05/11/2015 Conformal invariance and many-points correlation functions in percolation models Raoul Santachiara
[9] 05/11/2015 Integrable models of directed polymer on the square lattice Thimothée Thiery
[10] 04/11/2015 Groupe de travail maths-phys IV Dubail,Henkel,Robert,Unterberger
[11] 22/10/2015 TBA Montaigne Francois Montaigne
[12] 15/10/2015 Quantum oscillations and wave packet revival in conical graphene structure Debabrata Sinha
[13] 01/10/2015 Entanglement over the rainbow German Sierra
[14] 30/09/2015 Searching for the Tracy-Widom distribution in nonequilibrium systems Herbert Spohn
[15] 30/09/2015 Finite-temperature free fermions and the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation at finite time Gregory Schehr
[16] 29/09/2015 Soutenance de thèse Nicolas Allegra
[17] 24/09/2015 Fractional Chern Insulators in Harper-Hofstadter Bands with Higher Chern Number Gunnar Möller
[18] 17/09/2015 Interesting properties of the microcanonical ensemble with constant total energy Philipp Schierz
[19] 16/07/2015 Field theory and biological systems Fernando Santos
[20] 09/07/2015 Metamaterial realization of Milne universe Fernando Moraes
[21] 11/06/2015 Stabilité et Instabilité des données initiales des Equations d'Einstein Bruno Premoselli
[22] 10/06/2015 Parafermions in time-reversal invariant topological insulators Thomas Schmidt
[23] 08/06/2015 Random quantum systems with long-range interactions Ferenc Iglói
[24] 05/06/2015 Arctic circle phenomena and curved QFT Nicolas Allegra
[25] 28/05/2015 Modified Newtonian Dynamics Benoit Famaey
[26] 28/05/2015 Spin transport and defects Debabrata Sinha
[27] 27/04/2015 Spin & Gauge Dynamics: Bifurcations, Chaos & Super-stable Points Nerses Ananikyan
[28] 09/04/2015 Shining graphene Alexander Lopez
[29] 03/04/2015 Stochastic Dynamics of Biological Populations (epidemics and ants) Flávia Mayumi Ruziska Hirata
[30] 26/03/2015 Low Dimensional Lattice Spin Models: Magnetization Plateau, Thermal Entanglement & Partition Function Zeros Nerses Ananikyan
[31] 20/03/2015 Groupe de travail maths/physique III Dubail,Henkel,Robert,Unterberger
[32] 19/03/2015 Real-Space Renormalization for pure and random quantum spin systems : application to the Shannon-Renyi entropies of the ground state wave function Cécile Monthus
[33] 17/03/2015 Symmetries and exact solutions of boundary-value problems: new definitions and applications. Roman Cherniha
[34] 12/03/2015 Finite-size scaling above the upper critical dimension in Ising models with long-range interactions Emilio Flores Sola
[35] 06/03/2015 Groupe de travail maths/physique II Dubail,Henkel,Robert,Unterberger
[36] 27/02/2015 Groupe de travail maths/physique I Dubail,Henkel,Robert,Unterberger
[37] 27/02/2015 The Fibonacci family of dynamical universality classes Gunter Schütz
[38] 26/02/2015 Corner contribution to free energy for 2D dimer model Nikolay Izmailyan
[39] 12/02/2015 TBA Alexandre Lazarescu
[40] 09/02/2015 Random metrics, Quantum Hall effect and Kähler geometry Semyon Klevtsov
[41] 05/02/2015 Optical properties of MoS2. Excitons beyond the bandgap Alejandro Molina-Sánchez
[42] 08/01/2015 Corner free energy and correlation functions in dimer models Nicolas Allegra
2014Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 18/12/2014 Kagome quantum antiferromagnets studied by tensor network methods Thibaut Picot
[2] 11/12/2014 Modeles spheriques pour la croissance des interfaces Xavier Durang
[3] 08/12/2014 Intrication et dynamique de trempe dans les chaînes de spins quantiques Pierre Wendenbaum
[4] 03/12/2014 Matrix-correlated random variables: A statistical physics and signal processing duet Florian Angeletti
[5] 27/11/2014 The study of SDRG and DMRG of Quantum Ising and Ashkin-Teller model in 1-d Dimitrios Voliotis
[6] 25/11/2014 Lee-Yang and Fisher zeros for the Ising model on scale-free network Mariana Krasnytska
[8] 23/10/2014 Electronic transport in graphene nanoribbons with Gaussian deformations Francisco Mireles
[9] 16/10/2014 Landau levels in bilayer graphene with spin-orbit interactions. Francisco Mireles
[10] 09/10/2014 Substrate induced superlattice minibands in graphene Fernando Moraes
[11] 07/10/2014 Phase transitions in hard core lattice gas models of anisotropic particles Joyjit Kundu
[12] 02/10/2014 Tight-Binding model of interactions in graphene (2) Ernesto Medina
[13] 26/09/2014 Rashba and Dresselhaus Spin Orbit Interactions as Non-Abelian Gauge Field Theory Nelson Bolívar
[14] 25/09/2014 Tight-Binding model of interactions in graphene (1) Ernesto Medina
[15] 19/06/2014 Groupe de travail - espaces courbes (3) Sébastien - Bertrand - Ernesto Fumeron - Berche - Medina
[16] 19/06/2014 Théorème de Noether et constantes du mouvement en présence de frottements visqueux Thierry Gourieux
[17] 11/06/2014 Electromagnétisme et formes différentielles Sébastien Fumeron
[18] 06/06/2014 Groupe de travail physique/mathematiques: isolants topologiques, classification (9) Nicolas Allegra
[19] 05/06/2014 Non-affine mean field for internal friction in 2D granular materials Ernesto Medina
[20] 15/05/2014 Groupe de travail - espaces courbes (2) Fumeron - Berche - Medina
[21] 15/05/2014 New two dimensional coMpounts beyond carbon and beyond graphene Sébastien Lebègue
[22] 12/05/2014 Corner contribution to cluster numbers Ferenc Iglói
[23] 30/04/2014 La theorie de Zamolodchikov des perturbations pertinentes de l'invariance conforme IV Malte Henkel
[24] 23/04/2014 La theorie de Zamolodchikov des perturbations pertinentes de l'invariance conforme III Malte Henkel
[25] 22/04/2014 Groupe de travail - espaces courbes Fumeron - Berche - Medina
[26] 16/04/2014 La theorie de Zamolodchikov des perturbations pertinentes de l'invariance conforme II Malte Henkel
[27] 14/04/2014 La theorie de Zamolodchikov des perturbations pertinentes de l'invariance conforme I Malte Henkel
[28] 04/04/2014 Groupe de travail physique/mathematiques: isolants topologiques, classification (8) Dubail, Henkel, Unterberger
[29] 03/04/2014 Constructing Diffusive Models of Molecular Transport in Biophysics and Medicine Jeffrey Comer
[30] 28/03/2014 The monomer-dimer problem: physics and combinatorics Nicolas Allegra
[31] 21/03/2014 Groupe de travail physique/mathematiques: isolants topologiques, classification (7) Dubail, Henkel, Unterberger
[32] 20/03/2014 La physique des derviches tourneurs Martin Michael Müller
[33] 28/02/2014 Groupe de travail physique/mathematiques: isolants toplogiques, classification (6) Dubail, Henkel, Unterberger
[34] 27/02/2014 Sur des representations logarithmiques des symetries dynamiques du vieillissement physique Malte Henkel
[35] 21/02/2014 Groupe de travail physique/mathematiques: isolants toplogiques, classification (5) Dubail, Henkel, Unterberger
[36] 20/02/2014 Fourier's law in one-dimensional chains under energy conserving noise Gabriel Landi
[37] 13/02/2014 BMS3 invariance in 3d gravity and 2d field theory Glen Barnich
[38] 06/02/2014 Crystallization of binary mixtures in two dimensions René Messina
[39] 27/01/2014 Groupe de travail physique/mathematiques: isolants topologiques, classification (4) Dubail, Henkel, Unterberger
[40] 23/01/2014 Modèles de Gaudin et Ansatz de Bethe algébrique Alexandre Faribault
[41] 20/01/2014 Groupe de travail physique/mathematiques: isolants topologiques, classification (3) Dubail, Henkel, Unterberger
[42] 17/01/2014 Entropy and mutual information in low-dimensional classical and quantum critical systems Jean-Marie Stéphan
[43] 16/01/2014 Entanglement via quantum repeated interactions Pierre Wendenbaum
[44] 09/01/2014 Pure scaling operators at the integer quantum Hall plateau transition Roberto Bondesan
2013Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 19/12/2013 Sur la mecanique statistique des processus reaction-diffusion avec un reset stochastique Xavier Durang
[2] 19/12/2013 Exact Large Deviations of the Current in the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process with Open Boundaries Alexandre Lazarescu
[3] 16/12/2013 Groupe de travail physique/mathématiques: isolants topologiques, classification (2) Dubail, Henkel, Unterberger
[4] 12/12/2013 Massive chiral edge mode generation by classical harmonic deformations of the honeycomb zigzag nanoribbon Alexander López
[5] 09/12/2013 Groupe de travail physique/mathématiques: isolants topologiques, classification (1) Dubail, Henkel, Unterberger
[6] 05/12/2013 Existe-t-il des 'Tensor network states' pour les phases topologiques chirales? (2) Jerome Dubail
[8] 21/11/2013 Existe-t-il des 'Tensor network states' pour les phases topologiques chirales? (1) Jérôme Dubail
[9] 14/11/2013 Les thèses et les mesures photoélectriques de Jakob Kunz (1909 – 1913) Thierry Gourieux
[10] 07/11/2013 Watersheds are Schramm-Loewner evolution curves Shahin Rouhani
[11] 31/10/2013 Impurity dynamics of a quantum spin chain. Alexis Omar Garcia Rodrigez
[12] 29/10/2013 Impurity dynamics of a quantum spin chain Alexis Omar Garcia Rodrigez
[13] 24/10/2013 Finite-size scaling au dessus de la dimension critique supérieure (2) Bertrand Berche
[14] 17/10/2013 Finite-size scaling au dessus de la dimension critique supérieure (1) Bertrand Berche
[15] 11/10/2013 A propos des disclinations (2) Sébastien Fumeron
[16] 04/10/2013 A propos des disclinations Sébastien Fumeron
[17] 19/09/2013 Processus de croissance d'interface avec bord. Nicolas Allegra
[18] 12/09/2013 GPU computing for Molecular Dynamics - and Monte Carlo Simulations Philipp Schierz
[19] 11/07/2013 Modèle de Potts avec désordre corrélé Christophe Chatelain
[20] 27/06/2013 Methode alternative pour trouver des exposants et points critiques pour le modele d'Ising Francisco Sastre
[21] 13/06/2013 Random quantum magnets in d>=2 dimensions: critical behavior and entanglement entropy Ferenc Iglói
[22] 02/05/2013 Watershed Percolation Hans Herrmann
[23] 18/04/2013 Slave-spin mean field methods for correlated electron systems, and applications Luca de' Medici
[24] 11/04/2013 Decoherence in the central spin model Alexandre Faribault
[25] 11/04/2013 Quantum lattice systems via the 1/Z expansion Navez Patrick
[26] 11/04/2013 What can we learn from a single trajectory of a stochastic process ? Alexei Andreanov
[27] 04/04/2013 Magnetization Dynamics in Nanostructures Omar Morandi
[28] 04/04/2013 Unwinding relaxation dynamics of polymers Jean-Charles Walter
[29] 21/03/2013 Quantum chaos: application to open systems and cold atom experiments Rémy Dubertrand
[30] 21/03/2013 Spin chains with dynamical lattice supersymmetry Christian Hagendorf
[31] 14/03/2013 diabatic tracking of a state: a new route to non-equilibrium physics Marion Moliner
[32] 14/03/2013 Temporal characteristics of human dynamics in a virtual world Olesya Mryglod
[33] 07/03/2013 Waiting times distribution of electrons flowing across mesoscopic conductors Albert Mathias
[34] 07/03/2013 Majorana and Andreev bound states in topological wires in the proximity of superconductors Denis Chevallier
[35] 06/03/2013 Les atomes froids/cold atoms V Giovanna Morigi & Malte Henkel
[36] 21/02/2013 The kagome antiferromagnet: a chiral spin liquid ? Laura Messio
[37] 21/02/2013 Limite de couplage faible pour les systèmes quantiques ouverts étendus David Taj
[38] 20/02/2013 Les atomes froids/cold atoms IV Giovanna Morigi & Malte Henkel
[39] 19/02/2013 Conformal invariance for piétons IX Malte Henkel
[40] 18/02/2013 Conformal invariance for piétons X Malte Henkel
[41] 15/02/2013 Conformal invariance for piétons VIII Malte Henkel
[42] 14/02/2013 Entanglement of identical particles and its applications Ugo Marzolino
[43] 13/02/2013 Les atomes froids/cold atoms III Giovanna Morigi & Malte Henkel
[44] 11/02/2013 Conformal invariance for piétons VII Malte Henkel
[45] 08/02/2013 Conformal invariance for piétons VI Malte Henkel
[46] 07/02/2013 Spin-dependent thermoelectric transport in HgTe/CdTe quantum wells Marine Guigou
[47] 07/02/2013 Polymers in anisotropic environment with extended defect Khrystyna Haydukivska
[48] 06/02/2013 Les atomes froids/cold atoms II Giovanna Morigi & Malte Henkel
[49] 04/02/2013 Conformal invariance for piétons V Malte Henkel
[50] 01/02/2013 Conformal invariance for piétons IV Malte Henkel
[51] 31/01/2013 Quantum phase fluctuations in Josephson junction systems Gianluca Rastelli
[52] 31/01/2013 Critical behaviour of the Potts model on complex networks Mariana Krasnytska
[53] 30/01/2013 Les atomes froids/cold atoms Giovanna Morigi & Malte Henkel
[54] 28/01/2013 Conformal invariance for piétons III Malte Henkel
[55] 25/01/2013 Conformal invariance for piétons II Malte Henkel
[56] 23/01/2013 Conformal invariance for piétons I Malte Henkel
[57] 17/01/2013 Graphene Induced Topological Insulator (Topological order and Superconductivity) Cyril Petitjean
[58] 17/01/2013 Thermoelectric transport of ultracold fermionic atoms Charles Grenier
[59] 10/01/2013 Barabási-Albert network with carrying capacity Masayuki Hase
2012Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 20/12/2012 Dynamique et thermalisation d’un système quantique élémentaire dans un environnement hors équilibre thermique Bruno Bellomo
[2] 20/12/2012 Structure of dynamical correlations developing on top of an entropically designed frustrated manifold Mathieu Taillefumier
[3] 17/12/2012 Modèles de Potts désordonnés et hors de l'équilibre Christophe Chatelain
[4] 13/12/2012 The structure of correlation functions for annihilating Brownian motions in one-dimension and random matrices Oleg Zaboronski
[5] 13/12/2012 Overdamped limit and mass zero limit of the Brownian motion with multiplicative noise Xavier Durang
[6] 22/11/2012 The trial wavefunction approach to the fractional quantum Hall effect Jerome Dubail
[7] 15/11/2012 Mythological Networks Pádraig Mac Carron
[8] 08/11/2012 Topological phase transitions by periodic modulation of transport properties on carbon based materials Alexander Lopez
[9] 07/11/2012 Multicanonical analysis of the gonihedric ising model Marco Müller
[10] 07/11/2012 Scaling properties of a parallel implementation of the multicanonical algorithm Johannes Zierenberg
[11] 25/10/2012 Disorder effects on the shapes of linear and star branched polymers Yurij Holovatch
[12] 18/10/2012 Fermion de Weyl, de Majorana et de Dirac, interprétation des états d'énergie négative Daniel Malterre
[13] 11/10/2012 Quelques resultats exacts sur des densites et des correlateurs dans des modeles avec `dynamique de descente' Malte Henkel
[14] 04/10/2012 How the size of nucleotide alphabet influences the secondary structures of RNA? Mikhail Tamm
[15] 27/09/2012 Unusual scaling behaviour of diffusion in a logarithmic potential Gunter Schütz
[16] 20/09/2012 Non-equilibrium phase transition in stochastic aggregation Oleg Zaboronski
[17] 13/09/2012 Generalised extreme value statistics and sums of correlated random variables Maxime Clusel
[18] 13/09/2012 Gelation as a large deviations phenomenon Oleg Zaboronski
[19] 06/09/2012 Paleontology in Venezuelan Tar pits Ascanio Rincon
[20] 23/07/2012 Master equation approach to the subway passenger flow Moo Young Choi
[21] 29/06/2012 Simulations numériques du couplage entre un anneau mésoscopique et un réservoir chaotique Daniel Oberländer
[22] 25/06/2012 Cristallographie à haute résolution et applications aux macromolécules biologiques Benoit Guillot
[23] 11/06/2012 Avalanches in the Raise and Peel model with a wall Birgit Kaufmann
[24] 04/06/2012 Graphene rings and disks Nelson Bolívar
[25] 14/05/2012 Yang-Mills gauge field theories in condensed matter physics (2) Bertrand Berche
[26] 07/05/2012 Bootstrapping the 3D Ising Model Miguel Paulos
[27] 30/04/2012 Yang-Mills gauge field theories in condensed matter physics (1) Bertrand Berche
[28] 23/04/2012 Space-time correlations in the ASEP conditioned on large flux Gunter Schütz
[29] 27/03/2012 Efficiency and fluctuations in small out-of-equilibrium systems Massimiliano Esposito
[30] 19/03/2012 Classical Yang-Mills theory in condensed matter physics for team 101 Bertrand Berche
[31] 19/03/2012 Vieillissement dans la croissance de surface et la classe d'universalite Kardar-Parisi-Zhang en une dimension Malte Henkel
[32] 14/03/2012 Renormalization Group Approach to Quasi-One Dimensional Systems Samuel Moukouri
[33] 05/03/2012 Long-distance entanglement between two defects embedded in a linear chain of ions Endre Kajari
[34] 28/02/2012 Transport électronique dans les réseaux de fils quantiques Vincent Caudrelier
[35] 27/02/2012 Biaxial nematic phase: a progress report Lech Longa
[36] 23/02/2012 Nonequilibrium aspects in strongly correlated one-dimensional quantum systems Mario Collura
[37] 13/02/2012 Amplitude corrections of magnetic oscillations in strongly 2D organic conductors Jean-Yves Fortin
[38] 30/01/2012 Andreev spectroscopy and spin Hall effect at the interface between a topological insulator and a superconductor Marine Guigou
[39] 23/01/2012 Global fluctuations in the spherical model Sophie Mantelli
2011Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 15/12/2011 Closed and Open time path: a functional approach to decoherence Mathieu Planat
[2] 12/12/2011 Shapeable magnetoelectronics Denys Makarov
[3] 09/12/2011 From giant magneto-resistance in nano-pillars to spin torque in domain wall (an unified approach) Cyril Petitjean
[4] 08/12/2011 Magnetic Vortex dynamics in nano-point contact devices Sébastien Petit-Watelot
[5] 05/12/2011 Phase transitions and ordering dynamics in 2d spin-ice Demian Levis
[6] 01/12/2011 Theory of Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics and applications to Network, Epidemiological and Biological Models Thierry Platini
[7] 28/11/2011 Discrete holomorphicity and two-dimensional integrability Yacine Ikhlef
[8] 21/11/2011 Boundary conditions and graphene sheets Nelson Bolívar
[9] 14/11/2011 Resonance and pattern formation in the Kuramoto model with Manhattan delay Karol Trojanowski
[10] 07/11/2011 Structures intégrables de type Calogero-Sutherland dans les théories conformes Benoit Estienne
[11] 28/10/2011 Lie symmetries and reductions of boundary value problems of the Stefan type Roman Cherniha
[12] 24/10/2011 Flexible Polymers Johannes Zierenberg
[13] 17/10/2011 Worm Algorithm in Ordered and Disordered Media Martin Marenz
[14] 10/10/2011 Height fluctuations in the one-dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality class Sylvain Prolhac
[15] 03/10/2011 Spin polarization by 2D layers of chiral molecules: Critical role of multiple scattering and electron energy windows Ernesto Medina
[16] 28/09/2011 Vieillissement dans les processus réaction-diffusion sans bilan détaillé Xavier Durang
[17] 12/09/2011 Bond dilution in the 2d XY model Oleksandr Kapikranian
[18] 19/07/2011 Entropy production in nonequilibirium lattice models at stationary states Mário José de Oliveira
[19] 07/07/2011 Etude numérique de la conductivité de spin du gaz électronique soumis à une interaction spin-orbite de type Rashba Jennifer Weimmerskirch
[20] 05/07/2011 Duality of critical interfaces in square lattice Potts models Lev Shchur
[21] 30/06/2011 Dynamique hors de l'équilibre de gaz quantiques unidimensionnels : Comportement après une trempe soudaine Pierre Wendenbaum
[22] 28/06/2011 Quantum relaxation after a quench in systems with boundaries Ferenc Iglói
[23] 21/06/2011 Critical mass and the dependency of quality on quantity in research Ralph Kenna
[24] 14/06/2011 Numerical Treatment of Self-Avoiding Walks on Disordered Lattices Niklas Fricke
[25] 07/06/2011 One-dimensional Bose-Fermi mixtures with strong repulsions Anna Minguzzi
[26] 31/05/2011 Entropic equation of state and scaling functions near the critical point in uncorrelated scale-free networks Yurij Holovatch
[27] 19/04/2011 Systèmes quantiques hors de l'équilibre Dragi Karevski
[28] 12/04/2011 Quantum Error Correction and Classical Spin Models: A Fruitful Relationship Ruben Andrist
[29] 05/04/2011 Repliement de proteines en solution. Olivier Collet
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[37] 09/05/2006 Qu'est-ce que la température ? Olivier Collet
[38] 18/04/2006 Mécanique stochastique de Nelson Christophe Chatelain
[39] 13/04/2006 Anisotropie dans les métaux : modèle de Néel Michel Piecuch
[40] 21/03/2006 Expérience de Joule Dragi Karevski
[41] 14/03/2006 Le problème à 3 corps Raphael Leone
[42] 07/03/2006 Spin wave approximation in disordered XY and Heisenberg models in 2d Oleksandr Kapikranian
[43] 21/02/2006 Profils d'aimantation dans les chaînes d'Ising et XY quantiques hors de l'équilibre Thierry Platini
[44] 14/02/2006 Diagramme de phase du modèle de Potts antiferromagnétique sous champ et Self-dualité du modèle Z_q sur réseau triangulaire Loïc Turban
[45] 07/02/2006 Modèles de l'eau Olivier Collet
[46] 31/01/2006 Autour de quelques commutateurs Stoimen Stoimenov
[47] 23/01/2006 Invariance de Schrödinger et supersymétrie Malte Henkel
[48] 19/01/2006 Entanglement entropy in random quantum spin chains Raoul Santachiara
[49] 16/01/2006 Amplitudes critiques et corrections logarithmiques dans le modèle de Potts q=4 Bertrand Berche
[50] 09/01/2006 Théorème de Jarzynski - applications dans le modèle d'Ising bidimensionnel et le repliement des protéines Christophe/Olivier Chatelain/Collet
2005Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 12/12/2005 La chaîne d'Ising et les fermions libres : propriétés d'équilibre et hors d'équilibre Dragi Karevski
[2] 09/12/2005 Driven two-component systems V Gunter Schütz
[3] 03/11/2005 Statistical Physics of internet Sergei Krashakov
[4] 28/10/2005 Driven two-component systems IV Gunter Schütz
[5] 27/10/2005 Driven two-component systems III Gunter Schütz
[6] 21/10/2005 Driven two-component systems II Gunter Schütz
[7] 20/10/2005 Multicomponent driven diffusive systems and large deviations Gunter Schütz
[8] 13/10/2005 Entanglement production under electron phonon coupling in a quantum dot Alexander López
[9] 26/09/2005 Are public transport networks scale free? Yurij Holovatch
[10] 15/09/2005 Perturbative RG approach to frustrated magnets Yurij Holovatch
[11] 13/07/2005 Spontaneous symmetry breaking in one-dimensional driven particle systems Gunter Schütz
[12] 11/07/2005 Etude du vieillissement dans les ferromagnétiques trempés avec une dynamique non markovienne William Nicolazzi
[13] 08/07/2005 Vieillissement des les processus de contact et de contact de paires bosoniques Florian Baumann
[14] 08/06/2005 Nonequilibrium phase transitions in complex networks Ferenc Iglói
[15] 23/05/2005 Optimization Algorithms in Physics Alexander Hartmann
[16] 25/03/2005 Interaction between polymer stars in colloidal solutions Yurij Holovatch
[17] 09/03/2005 Cours introductifs sur les probabilités quantiques Uwe Franz
[18] 02/02/2005 Lie symmetries of non-linear Schroedinger equations Stoimen Stoimenov
2004Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 15/12/2004 Etude par simulations Monte Carlo de l'influence du désordre sur la transition nématique-isotrope dans les films de cristaux liquides Ana Isabel Fariñas-Sanchez
[2] 16/07/2004 Violation du théorème fluctuation-dissipation dans les systèmes frustrés hors de l'équilibre Sébastien Léonard
[3] 08/07/2004 Spontaneous symmetry-breaking in one-dimensional driven particle systems Gunter Schütz
[4] 29/06/2004 Transitions de Phase dans les Systèmes de Symétrie Continue en 2d Ana Isabel Fariñas-Sanchez
[5] 24/03/2004 Some aspects of non-equilibrium dynamics of 2d-disordered elastic sytems Gregory Schehr
2003Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 01/11/2003 Introduction aux symétries de Lie des équations différentielles partielles (Série de 10 leçons, nov 2003 - jan 2004) Roman Cherniha
[2] 19/05/2003 On the critical behaviour of random anisotropy magnets in 3d Maksym Dudka
[3] 13/03/2003 Réponse linéaire pour le modèle d'Ising-Glauber Christophe Chatelain
[4] 10/03/2003 Théories de jauge et confinement : applications à la physique de la matière condensée Flavio S. Nogueira
[5] 13/02/2003 Transformation de Schwarz-Christoffel et systèmes critiques bidimensionnels Bertrand Berche
[6] 23/01/2003 Partition Function Zeroes for Fluctuating Graphs Wolfhard Janke
[7] 16/01/2003 Propriétés magnétiques du modèle t-J Frederico Augusto Carvalho Dias
2002Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 25/12/2002 Protein folding as a downhill walk on the mountain Zoran Konkoli
[2] 11/12/2002 Symétrie d'inversion de temps brisée dans les échelles fortement corrélées Ulrich Schollwöck
[3] 27/11/2002 Simplified model of the cell: Reactions in restricted geometry and macromolecular translocation Zoran Konkoli
[4] 21/11/2002 On the statistical laws of Internet traffic Lev Shchur
[5] 16/11/2002 From Langevin equation to field theory Zoran Konkoli
[6] 01/07/2002 Etude de l'influence de la température et des corrélations initiales dans le vieillissement du modèle d'Ising bidimensionnel Iann Gerber
[7] 20/06/2002 Sand: solid, liquid or granular gas ? Gustavo Gutierrez
[8] 13/06/2002 Reptation dynamics of short entangled polymers: DMRG studies for Rubinstein-Duke models Mattias Paessens
[9] 01/05/2002 Exactly solvable models for many-body systems far from equilibrium (4 cours) Gunter Schütz
2001Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 13/12/2001 Modèle XY 3D confiné dans les pores d'aérogel DLCA Carlos Vasquez
[2] 15/06/2001 Transport in quasi-one dimensional spin systems Claudius Gros
[3] 25/05/2001 Aging in quantum spin chains and classical reaction-diffusion systems Gunter Schütz
[4] 23/05/2001 Critical behaviour of random anisotropy magnets Yurij Holovatch
[5] 18/05/2001 Polymers in media with long-range correlated disorder Yurij Holovatch
[6] 10/05/2001 The protein folding problem: embedding the native state information into the random heteropolymer model Zoran Konkoli
[7] 09/05/2001 Critical exponents of a 3d weakly diluted quenched Ising model Yurij Holovatch
[8] 27/04/2001 Two species reaction-diffusion systems: survival of the minority species Zoran Konkoli
[9] 20/04/2001 Critical behaviour of m-axial Lifshitz points Mykola Shpot
[10] 29/03/2001 Kinetically constrained Ising model and glasses Steffen Trimper
[11] 22/03/2001 L'entropie : comment la calculer et quoi en faire Michel Pleimling
[12] 15/03/2001 Magnétisme dans des géométries restreintes Michel Pleimling
2000Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 30/11/2000 Des excitations exotiques dans des systemes du monde réel: couplage spin - orbite dans une dimension Ulrich Schollwöck
[2] 29/11/2000 Random number generators: some exact results Lev Shchur
[3] 24/11/2000 Special purpose processors: ideas and results Lev Shchur
[4] 16/11/2000 Morphometry of the large-scale structure of galaxies Herbert Wagner
[5] 15/11/2000 A sum rule for percolation thresholds Herbert Wagner
[6] 19/09/2000 Spanning clusters and critical percolation Lev Shchur
[7] 14/09/2000 Two-dimensional diluted Ising model: specific heat and critical amplitudes Lev Shchur
[8] 07/09/2000 Non-Boltzmann sampling (II) Wolfhard Janke
[9] 05/09/2000 Non-Boltzmann sampling (I) Wolfhard Janke
[10] 30/06/2000 Etude de l'influence du désordre sur les propriétés critiques du modèle de Potts Christophe Chatelain
[11] 14/06/2000 Go with the winners: wh it can be useful to be biased and opportunistic in statistical physics simulations Peter Grassberger
[12] 09/06/2000 Modèle d'Ising sur des surfaces à courbure constante négative J.-C. Anglès d'Auriac
[13] 01/06/2000 Introduction to bosonization (4 lectures) Herbert Schoeller
[14] 07/04/2000 Confined polymers, inelastic collapse in driven granular matter and the Fokker-Planck equation Theodore W. Burkhardt
[15] 13/03/2000 Exploring overlap barriers in spin glasses Wolfhard Janke
[16] 01/03/2000 Monte Carlo simulations Wolfhard Janke
[17] 10/02/2000 Mécanique quantique non hermitienne Jesper Jacobsen
1999Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 01/12/1999 Etude par simulations Monte Carlo des multicouches fer-terbium - comparaison avec l'expérience Denis Ledue
[2] 28/10/1999 Formes d'équilibre des cristaux ioniques cubiques centrés Enrico Carlon
[3] 15/10/1999 Out-of-equilibrium dynamics of symmetry breaking for N-component scalar quantum fields Andras Patkos
[4] 02/07/1999 Comportement d’echelle de taille finie dans des couches minces de Fe/Ir(100) Malte Henkel
[5] 28/06/1999 Ground states, disordered systems and combinatorial optimization Heiko Rieger
[6] 07/06/1999 Anyons Avisnash Khare
[7] 04/06/1999 Disordered quantum chains (3 lectures) Ferenc Iglói
[8] 21/05/1999 Universalité et invariance conforme du modèle d'Ising défini sur des variétés à bords M.A. Lewis
[9] 28/04/1999 Contra Enricum Punctum Carreum, ou la solution du problème à trois corps Malte Henkel
[10] 25/03/1999 A new deformation of the Witt algebra and a group theoretical approach to quasicrystals Reidun Twarock
[11] 24/03/1999 Atomes et photons dans une cavité Jean-Michel Raymond
[12] 24/02/1999 Modèles de Potts couplés Marco Picco
[13] 22/01/1999 Quelques nouvelles propriétés de la marche aléatoire Henk Hilhorst
[14] 18/01/1999 Equilibrium phase transitions on crystal surfaces: roughening deconstruction and equilibrium crystal shape (II) Enrico Carlon
1998Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 17/12/1998 Equilibrium phase transitions on crystal surfaces: roughening deconstruction and equilibrium crystal shape (I) Enrico Carlon
[2] 11/12/1998 Critical phenomena on surfaces, edges and corners Michel Pleimling
[3] 20/11/1998 The role of local energy minima in the kinetics of protein folding Trinh Xuan Hoang
[4] 28/10/1998 La propagation d'une épidémie comme un problème de réaction-diffusuin Frédéric van Wijland
[5] 21/10/1998 Introduction to the density matrix renormalization group Enrico Carlon
[6] 10/09/1998 Luttinger liquid properties of the 1D Hubbard model and ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic crossover phenomena in the XXZ chain (II) Andreas Klümper
[7] 08/09/1998 Luttinger liquid properties of the 1D Hubbard model and ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic crossover phenomena in the XXZ chain (I) Andreas Klümper
[8] 22/06/1998 Aging in disordered systems Heiko Rieger
[9] 01/03/1998 Non-equilibrium phase transitions (7 lectures) Haye Hinrichsen
[10] 04/02/1998 La condensation de Bose-Einstein de gaz atomiques Jean Dalibard
[11] 28/01/1998 Modèles minimaux couplés avec et sans désordre Pascal Simon
1997Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 21/11/1997 Effect of gravity and confinment on fluid phase equilibria: a density matrix renormalization study Enrico Carlon
[2] 22/09/1997 Lattice models for protein folding Marek Cieplak
[3] 11/07/1997 Hamiltonians for quantum computing Vladimir Privman
[4] 01/07/1997 An introduction to the statistical properties of polymers and proteins (4 lectures) Flavio Seno
[5] 01/06/1997 Introduction à l'invariance conforme (13 cours) Malte Henkel
[6] 30/05/1997 Aimantation dans le modèle d'Ising 2D Ingo Peschel
[7] 23/05/1997 Comment diagonaliser une matrice ? Malte Henkel
[8] 15/05/1997 Random quantum magnets (4 lectures) Ferenc Iglói
[9] 01/05/1997 Order parameters and functional equations (3 lectures) Ingo Peschel
[10] 26/03/1997 Les atomes froids François Bardou
[11] 01/01/1997 Particle reaction models (2 lectures) Jose Fernando Ferreira Mendes
1996Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 17/12/1996 Contribution à l'étude des phénomènes critiques dans les systèmes apériodiques : séquences marginales de volume Pierre-Emmanuel Berche
[2] 29/11/1996 Fermionic representation of conformal field theory Barry McCoy
[3] 08/11/1996 Integrable models Natan Andrei
[4] 02/07/1996 Modélisation des verres amorphes Normand Mousseau
[5] 01/05/1996 Introduction to the Bethe Ansatz (8 lectures) Gunter Schütz
[6] 10/04/1996 Milieux granulaires Hans Hermann
[7] 21/03/1996 Les effets de taille finie dans les transitions de phase du second ordre Pierre-Emmanuel Berche
[8] 20/03/1996 Processus réaction-diffusion Michel Droz
[9] 29/02/1996 Parois dans la chaine d’Ising quantique Malte Henkel
[10] 14/02/1996 Efficient Monte Carlo algorithms for 1st order phase transitions Wolfhard Janke
1995Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 23/11/1995 Corner magnetization in the Ising model D.B. Abraham
[2] 16/06/1995 Matrices aléatoires et applications en physique Gérard Lecaër
[3] 19/05/1995 Processus reaction-diffusion et chaines quantiques integrables Malte Henkel
[4] 30/03/1995 Géométrie des surfaces courbes Bertrand Berche
1993Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 13/05/1993 Géométrie fractale Jean-Marc Debierre
[2] 08/04/1993 Diagonalisation de l’hamiltonien d’Ising en champ transverse Bertrand Berche
[3] 01/04/1993 De la Mécanique Quantique à la Physique Statistique : limite hamiltonienne du modèle d’Ising bidimensionnel Bertrand Berche
1992Ir al mes: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
[1] 03/12/1992 Supersymétrie et Mécanique Quantique (2) : Supersymétrie et Invariance de forme Bertrand Berche
[2] 26/11/1992 Supersymétrie et Mécanique Quantique (1) : factorisation de l'équation de Schrödinger et Supersymétrie Bertrand Berche
[3] 12/11/1992 La théorie de Landau des transitions de phase (2) : théorie de Ginzburg-Landau Bertrand Berche
[4] 05/11/1992 La théorie de Landau des transitions de phase (1) : exemples de transitions de phase du second ordre Bertrand Berche
[5] 22/05/1992 Dynamique critique et chaines magnétiques Malte Henkel
[6] 20/03/1992 Systèmes magnétiques unidimensionnels Janos Solyom
[7] 28/02/1992 Phase transitions in polymer systems Carlo Vanderzande

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