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Statistical Physics of non-equilibrium and disordered systems 2002


Enrico Carlon
Polymer reptation in the Rubinstein-Duke model: a DMRG approach
Olivier Collet
Origin of the cold and warm denaturation in proteins
Claude Godrèche
Statistics of occupation times
Malte Henkel
Local scale invariance and dynamical scaling
Ferenc Iglói
Infinite randomness fixed point description of absorbing state phase transitions with quenched disorder
Jesper Jacobsen
Coupled and disordered Potts models
Wolfhard Janke
Tests of extreme value statistics
Jan Krüger
Evidences for a discontinuous change of the structural relaxation dynamics at the thermal glass transition
Jean-Marc Luck
Metastability in zero-temperature dynamics: some simple examples
H. Pfnur
Phase transitions and coupling mechanisms in adsorbed layers on strongly anisotropic substrates
Marco Picco
Random Potts model in the limit of infinite q
Alan Picone
Non-equilibrium phase transition and dynamical scaling in the kinetic spherical model
Michel Pleimling
Anisotropic scaling and generalized conformal invariance at Lifshitz points
Jean Richert
First order transitions in finite systems
Heiko Rieger
Glasses at low temperatures: randomly interacting two-level systems
Gunter Schütz
Criterion for phase separation in one-dimensional driven systems
J. Stolze
Spin correlations in random exchange spin-1/2 XXZ chains: how universal is the random-singlet phase?

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Bertrand Berche
Christophe Chatelain
Malte Henkel
Dragi Karevski
Loic Turban

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