Stat'Phys 26 - Statistical Physics Conference Satellite
Non-equilibrium dynamics in classical and quantum systems:
From quenches to slow relaxations

Wednesday July 13th - Friday July 15th 2016
Abbaye des Prémontrés, Pont-à-Mousson


Registration fees are 400 Euros (200 without accomodation), including accomodation in the abbey, breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Please register here.

Confirmed speakers

B. Doyon (King College, London, United Kingdom)
T. Halpin-Healy (Columbia University, New-York, USA)
M. Oshikawa (Tokyo University, Japan)
M. Pleimling (Viginia Tech, Blackburg, USA)
T. Prosen (Ljubljana University, Slovenia)
T. Sasamoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
H. Spohn (Munich University, Germany)
U. Täuber (Viginia Tech, Blackburg, USA)

Organization and scientific committee

Groupe de Physique Statistique,
Institut Jean Lamour,
Université de Lorraine

M. Henkel, D. Karevski, J.-Y. Fortin, C. Chatelain
B. Berche, J. Dubail, A. Faribault, S. Fumeron