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Mayo 2018
Próximo(s) seminario(s): jueves 03 mayo 2018
09:0 : Rencontre ANR (Xavier Assfeld)
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Ultimo artigo

On the wonderfulness of Noether's theorems, 100 years later, and Routh reduction
Léone R.
ArXiv : arxiv:1804.01714 [PDF]
HAL : hal-01758290

This paper is written in honour of the centenary of Emmy Amalie Noether's famous article entitled Invariante Variationsprobleme. It firstly aims to give an exposition of what we believe to be the most significant and elegant issues regarding her theorems, through the lens of classical mechanics. Despite the limitation to this field, we try to illustrate the key ideas of her work in a rather complete and pedagogical manner which, we hope, presents some original aspects. The notion of symmetry coming naturally with the idea of simplification, the last part is devoted to the interplay between Noether point symmetries and the reduction procedure introduced by Edward John Routh in 1877.

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