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Dernière publication

Transmission and tunneling probability in two-band metals: influence of magnetic breakdown on the Onsager phase of quantum oscillations
Fortin J.-Y., Audouard A.
Low Temperature Physics 43(2) (2017)
ArXiv : arxiv:1607.05491 [PDF]

Tunneling amplitude through magnetic breakdown (MB) gap is considered for two bands Fermi surfaces illustrated in many organic metals. In particular, the S-matrix associated to the wave-function transmission through the MB gap for the relevant class of differential equations is the main object allowing the determination of tunneling probabilities and phases. The calculated transmission coefficients include a field-dependent Onsager phase. As a result, quantum oscillations are not periodic in 1/B for finite magnetic breakdown gap. Exact and approximate methods are proposed for computing ratio amplitudes of the wave-function in interacting two-band models.

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